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it all started when…

Bonnie couldn’t get the idea of a podcast out of her head. “Stop, you maniac!” she thought to herself. “You run two businesses. Ain’t nobody got time for another project.” But she couldn’t stop thinking about guest ideas, interview questions, and sharing the wealth of knowledge her guests could bring to other entrepreneurs.

So with zero audio technology or podcasting experience, she set out to figure out how to do the damn thing. Lots of Youtube tutorials and moments of wanting to burn Adobe Audition to the ground later, the Cup of Ambition podcast launched in May 2019!

street cred

A creative and design-savvy millennial with a sharp business sense, Bonnie Bryant O'Connor always dreamed of running her own creative business. After dropping out of law school, she kept the entrepreneur dream alive while working 9-5 jobs to pay the bills. She currently owns brand and web design studio Bonnie Bryant Creative and Shop Bonnie, a shop for cool girls who like cute stuff.

why a podcast?

Why not spend months and months learning the boring ins and outs of audio editing and podcast setup, and hundreds of dollars on equipment and hosting fees? JK. It sucked. This is definitely a passion project. Bonnie feels really strongly about helping lift others up and sharing knowledge (all while having a ton of fun). She figured the headache and expense were worth it to share the immense knowledge her guests bring to the podcast with the world.

get in touch

Have a question about an episode? Want Bonnie as a guest on your podcast? Want to be a guest on Cup of Ambition podcast? Get in touch with Bonnie here.