Season One, Episode Four: A Graphic Designer Talks Getting Her Artwork into Major Stores (and A Lengthy Discussion About 90s Boy Bands) with Leonora Benza of Yellow Heart Art

Leonora Benza of Yellow Heart Art is an extraordinarily talented artist and a super hilarious human being. You've seen her artwork in stores like Macy's, West Elm, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and more. She's also designed for major events for celebrities like Lauren Conrad, and her work has been seen in the homes of Mindy Kaling and Kourtney Kardashian.  

She talks with us about how she got started in the industry, what it's really like to do a trade show, the real nitty gritty of how she got her products in major stores, and more. 

00:01:40: What is Yellow Heart Art? What has her career path looked like to this point? 

00:11:21: How would someone get their product into stores? What's the difference between selling it wholesale and licensing your work? What are the pros and cons of both? What are some of the unexpected costs of getting your products into stores? Is it worth it to try to sell wholesale to local boutiques?

00:22:50: All about trade shows: what is it like to do one? How much does it cost? Is it worth it?

00:43:00: What are Leonora's most and least favorite things to design? What's her process? What are her favorite projects so far? How does she balance her style with what the client wants, if the two are disparate?

01:09:00: Back to the Future - did Leonora always want to be an artist? What advice would she give to her younger self? What's the biggest business mistake she's made? 

01:18:34: A Day in the Life - what does an average day look like for Leonora? 

01:27:00: Listener Questions - how do you get your products into stores? What's the best selling platform - Etsy or your own site? How do you find inspiration? How do you find manufacturers?

01:44:00: Quick Answers - our most fun one yet! What talent does she wish she had? Who's her favorite member of each 90s boy band? What was her favorite early 2000s fashion moment? Who's the best Gilmore Girl love interest?  

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