Season One, Episode One: Welcome to the Cup of Ambition Podcast

Welcome to our first lil intro episode for the Cup of Ambition Podcast! Host Bonnie Bryant O'Connor introduces herself and why she's subjecting herself to the mild torture of learning how to record, edit, upload, and promote all these episodes (hint: because she really, really loves supporting other boss bitches). 

00:00 - 3:50: Behind the name of the podcast and why naming a freaking podcast is the hardest part of this whole thing

3:55 - 6:03 : Why the hell Bonnie started this podcast in the first place. She wanted to share real, no B.S. stories about career success: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

6:03 - 7:13 : Who is this podcast for in the first place??! (NOT just for business owners!)

7:15 - 12:35: A little bit about Bonnie's career journey (definitely more of a roller coaster than a ladder). When she felt like the world's biggest loser and when things finally started changing, and how her experience in the early part of her career helped inspire her to create this podcast.

12:35 - 18:06: A preview of the season's guests and conversations!