Season One, Episode Three: A Career Coach Shows You How to Job Search the Right Way (and How She Went from Choosing Candidates to Showing Them How to Get the Job) with Jenn Walker Wall of Work Wonders

Jenn Walker Wall is an experienced career coach who doesn't just help you find a new job - she changes your job hunting game for life. Her clients learn how to leverage their skills to find new jobs and change careers entirely, leaving them with a sense of autonomy over their futures. 

Jenn talks to us about how she started Work Wonders Careers and shares a huge wealth of knowledge about how to switch jobs, change careers, update your resume, and interview for a job the RIGHT way. 

00:03:05: Jenn tells us how she got here. What has her career ladder looked like? How have her goals changed over the years?

00:24:12: How did Jenn transition from a full time job to being self-employed? What's her favorite part of her business? How has changing her prices changed her business? 

00:42:00: What's the biggest resume mistake she sees and how can people fix it? 

00:44:00: How does someone switch career paths? What if you want a different job but it requires a degree you don't have? 

00:56:00: Jenn tells us about her own podcast, Making Life Work.

01:02:00: Back to the Future - what did Jenn want to be growing up? What advice would she give to her younger self? What are the biggest mistakes she's made in her career and what would she do differently?

01:15:00: A Day in the Life - what does Jenn's day-to-day look like?

01:25:00: Listener Questions - how far back should your resume go? How does a job seeker make sure their resume gets seen by an actual human?

01:35:43: Quick Answer - our fun short answer segment to wrap up the show. 

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