Season One, Episode Two: What It’s Like to Be a Creative Director (and How to do Influencer Marketing the Right Way) with Adeniz Villar of Storyplace Media

Adeniz Villar is a talented LA-based creative director and content creator. With a background in digital marketing, she helps her clients refine their brand voice, develop a brand strategy, and launch successful digital and influencer marketing campaigns. 

Her day-to-day includes organizing brand photo shoots and A LOT of influencer outreach and management. Adeniz tells us what it's like to be a creative director and entrepreneur, and drops serious knowledge on how to uplevel your business's marketing.

00:02:30: Adeniz's origin story: what Storyplace Media does, and how she got here. Is she doing what she went to college for?

00:07:30: What goes into planning photoshoots for a brand? What's the strategy behind it? What are the logistics like - if you don't have a proper permit, will she get kicked out or something? 

00:14:56: How does she find photographers and models - how would they pitch to her?

00:18:02: All about influencer marketing! How does a brand start out with influencer marketing? How do you approve their content and measure ROI? How many followers does it take to be an influencer, and how much do they get paid? What advice does she have for aspiring influencers? How should smaller brands dip their toes into influencer marketing?

01:06:00: Back to the Future - did Adeniz always want to be a creative director? What would she change about her career? What was the biggest mistake she's made, and what would she do differently?

01:20:00: A Day in the Life - what does an average day look like? How does she structure it and get everything done?

01:28:00: Listener Questions - how does she find clients? How does she send pitch emails? How does a brand find their target market?

01:37:00: Quick Answer Segment - favorite tv show, song, book, best LA spots. 

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