Season One, Episode Seven: A Web Developer and Strategist Talks About Learning on the Job (and Lots of Free Advice on How to Improve Your Website) with Mariah Magazine of Mariah Magazine Studio

Mariah Magazine is a website development and strategy guru. She's able to cut through the technobabble and help her clients understand what's really going on with their website and search engine optimization (SEO).

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Mariah is a valued and treasured member of my team at Bonnie Bryant Creative - I love that she's able to make website and SEO strategy super clear for our clients and help give them autonomy over their online presence.

In this episode, we talk a lot about how Mariah got started in the industry, when and how she started her own business, Mariah Magazine Studio, the difference between different website platforms, the biggest website mistakes she sees business owners make, and more.

00:02:48: What's the difference between a website strategist and a website designer? 

00:05:30: What's the last job Mariah had before starting her own business (hint: air purifier sales?!?!) What has her career trajectory looked like? Did she go to school for website design (hint: she credits her success to Myspace).

00:15:22: How did Mariah learn the ins and outs of Wordpress design? She also gives us a little Wordpress 101.

00:22:05: How does she keep up with SEO changes? How did she learn so much about SEO??

00:24:55: What's the biggest SEO mistake people make? What should they ask when hiring someone to do web design or SEO management?

00:40:22: What's the best website platform to use - Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy? Something else?

00:50:00: Back to the Future: Mariah tells us the advice she'd give to her younger self, and the biggest business mistake she's made and what she's learned from it.

01:06:54: A Day in the Life: Mariah gives us the day-to-day of a busy website developer and strategist. 

01:11:22: Listener Questions: What code should an aspiring developer learn? How reliable is Google Analytics? What are three takeaways for your site's SEO? Do you need to do 3 blog posts/week to be successful?

01:20:00: Our final Quick Answer segment where Mariah tells us her fave movie, tv show, and more.