Season One, Episode Twelve: A Cookie Artist Talks About Taking the Jump from Full Time Office Job to Full Time Cookier with Devyn Taelor of The Well Dressed Cookie

Devyn Taelor is a talented baker, cookie artist, and one of the sweetest guests we've had on the podcast (no, that's not a cookie pun! Okay, maybe it is).

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She recently quit her 9-5 desk job to become a full time cookie artist - and when we say cookie artist, we're not talking about baking Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies. Devyn creates edible works of art: she makes each batch of cookies from scratch, custom mixes all of the different colors and consistencies of icing, and hand-pipes all of the tiny details herself. She also does all the marketing and admin for her business - it's a more-than-full-time job, and she also has to pay attention to health code regulations and the physical toll her work takes on her body.

In this episode, we talk about everything from how she got started in the industry to what regulations she has to follow to how she learned how to effectively price her product. 

00:03:30: What is Devyn's job title, and what does she do?

00:07:30: How did she get started making cookies? What goes into making a custom decorated sugar cookie? When did she know it was time to quit her 9-5 job?  

00:14:36: What are the occupational hazards - does her arms and hands always hurt? How does she deal with it? Does she ever get sick of cookies? 

00:18:00: We talk about the great salted vs. non salted butter debate.

00:20:16: How many cookies does she bake per event? When planning a wedding, should a bride do 1/guest or 1/couple? What types of other events does she do?

00:21:16: How does she price her cookies? Has her pricing mindset changed? What is her workflow like? Does she have a minimum order? 

00:38:00: What licenses or food inspection rules does she need to follow? How does she deal with food allergies? 

00:52:33: What cookie trends is Devyn seeing? 

00:58:00: How does she organize her supplies?

01:01:12: What's the biggest advice she'd give aspiring cookiers?

01:09:00: Our Back to the Future segment - what advice would Devyn give her younger self?

01:24:30: Our Day in the Life Segment - what does a day-to-day look like for her?

01:30:20: Listener Questions and Quick Answer