Season One, Episode Thirteen: A Music Executive Tells Us How to Stand Out in a Competitive Field (& Why Performers Need to Diversify Their Income) with Jacy Dawn Valeras of Platinum Circle Media

Nashville-based Jacy Dawn Valeras knows the music industry inside and out. She got her start as a performer and performed on stages/opened for megastars like LeAnn Rimes, Reba McEntire, Wynonna, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Lorrie Morgan, Martina McBride, Carlene Carter, Jo Dee Messina, Darius Rucker, and Tanya Tucker to name a few. She's also an accomplished songwriter, with more than 30 of her songs having been recorded by artists worldwide. 

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Jacy leveraged her industry know-how to create Platinum Circle Media, where she's  created marketing and social media campaigns for Grammy, CMA and AMC Award Winners, including Country Music Hall of Fame Members, Ricky Skaggs and Bobby Bare, Country Music Icons, TG Sheppard, Collin Raye, Lorrie Morgan, Pam Tillis, Kelly Lang, Mandy Barnett and more. Jacy has designed digital advertising content and graphic design pieces for numerous Fortune 500 companies, artists, record labels, charity organizations, music venues, and businesses to help further their growth and outreach.

Through content creation and digital marketing, Jacy has helped countless independent and emerging artists to grow their online presence. She offers her expertise in increasing online visibility, tone, and how to achieve both long and short term goals. Jacyโ€™s YouTube channel, a platform devoted to the mentorship of aspiring artists, has amassed over 160k + views. 

We talk with Jacy about how she got started in the music industry and her advice for up and coming artists. We also talk A LOT about how to market yourself and make money in the ever-changing music industry.

00:04:00: What is Jacy's job and business? What does she do? What was her last 9-5 job, and what has her career looked like to this point?

00:12:30: When she started out as a performer and songwriter, how did she learn how to hustle to get found in such a crowded field? 

00:19:45: What are some specific marketing challenges for musicians and performers? Do her clients create their own content, or does she create it for them? Has a client ever posted something unapproved and totally embarrassing without the marketing team's okay? What's the difference between her job, a publicist, a manager, and the record label's marketing team, and how do they all work together?

00:44:00: Musicians used to make their money on CD sales, but that's changed. How do they make money now, and how do they diversify their revenue streams and income? What's her advice to a performer who's looking to get creative with their revenue and brand?

00:55:00: Jacy tells us about mentoring young, up-and-coming artists.

01:03:00: We talk about what it's like to be a songwriter. How does it work? Do you pitch your songs to artists? To record labels? 

01:15:00: Our Back to the Future segment - Jacy tells us what advice she'd give to her younger self. 

01:22:00: Jacy shares her biggest business mistake and what she learned from it.

01:24:00: Our Day in the Life segment: what does an average day look like for a songwriter and marketing expert?

01:32:00: Listener Questions: does she have any good country music stories? What advice would she give to someone who wants to grow their Youtube Channel? Quick Answer: Jacy tells us her biggest advice, favorite movies and TV shows, and the best places to hang in Nashville and her hometown of Boston.