Season 1, Episode 17: A PR Expert Talks About How to Promote Your Business Effectively (and How Once You Know Business Fundamentals, You Can Launch ANY Business) with Janelle Langford

Janelle Langford is a PR and business development expert who's written a book, dressed Lady Gaga, launched multiple businesses, and helped her clients build major brands. This powerhouse is on the podcast this week to chat all things business building, public relations, and career success!

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00:05:00: What is Janelle's current job ?

00:12:04: What was her last 9-5 job before starting her business?

00:14:08: What has Janelle's career trajectory looked like? (HINT: It started with a chemistry major and all changed when America's Next Top Model came on the air...)

00:24:00: How did Janelle transition from the medical field to owning her own PR business?

00:29:20: We talk all about PR. What can a PR person give you that you can't do yourself? What are the best placements to ask for? When should you promote certain things - how long of a lead time is there? How do PR firms get paid?

00:43:57: Janelle gives us a Media Training 101. What is media training and who needs it? What are the biggest mistakes people make that she helps fix?

00:47:12: Press tours - what are they and who needs to go on them?

00:53:50: Janelle is a serial entrepreneur. She tells us all about her other successful businesses and her group coaching service. 

01:07:00: Janelle tells us about her podcast and her book (find it on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble!)

01:11:30: Janelle is one of the best-dressed people I know, and she tells us where she finds all of her amazing outfits.

01:18:50: Back to the Future: What advice would Janelle give her younger self? What's the biggest business mistake she's made?

01:29:43: A Day in the Life: What does an average day-to-day look like for her?

01:42:12: Listener Questions: how can someone track ROI when they hire a PR person? What placements are better for sales, and which are better for prestige? Quick Answer Segment: Janelle tells us her favorite movies, tv shows, and more.