Season 1, Episode 14: A Harvard Law Grad &Entrepreneur Talks Bringing People Together With Care Packages (& How to Build A Profitable Product Business) with Julie Schecter of Small Packages

Julie Schecter is a multi-talented, super-successful serial entrepreneur. After graduating from Harvard Law and working the corporate law world, she launched a successful fitness studio in NYC. After trying to keep in touch with her friends across the country and keep up with everyone's personal and career successes, she got the idea for Small Packages, a curated care package company that allows you to send major love to the people in your life in just five minutes.

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Julie's business model is genius: she designs curated care packages for life's biggest occasions and offers three price points for each care package AND flat rate shipping. Your friend will get a beautiful box filled with unique items by small vendors and a hand-written note on a custom letterpress card. I've sent a bunch of them to my friends since interviewing Julie - it's my new go-to gift for everything from a new baby to an illness to a housewarming.

Julie talks about her career trajectory, how she got the idea for Small Packages and how she implemented it, the crowd funding process, how she finds vendors and stocks inventory, and more.

00:05:45: What's Julie's job and what does she do every day? What was her last 9-5 job, and what was her career trajectory from a dance major to Harvard Law to being a business owner?

00:16:00: What's the origin story of Small Packages - how did she take it from idea to implementation?

00:26:00: How does she source product? How does she manage the inventory and costs?

00:33:00: Did crowd funding work for her? What platform did she use?

00:35:00: We talk about shipping and how it can be the bane of every business owner's existence.

00:41:00: Does Julie have a warehouse, or does she fulfill orders herself?

00:52:00: What's the most popular occasion people buy Small Packages for? What's the most popular price point?

00:55:00: What's Julie's favorite part of her job?

00:57:36: What did owning a successful fitness studio teach Julie about being a business owner? How did it prepare her for Small Packages?

1:00:00: Does Julie have a staff on hand? How does she manage all of the orders?

01:04:00: Back to the Future: What advice would Julie give her younger self? What's her biggest business mistake and what did she learn from it?

01:10:00: A Day in the Life: What does an average day look like for Julie?

01:18:00: Listener Questions and Quick Answers