Season 1, Episode 20: A Brand Photographer Tells Us How to Make Your Brand Stand Out (and How to Have the Best Brand Photoshoot Ever) with Keira Lemonis of Brand Vamp

Keira Lemonis is a talented photographer who, along with her team at Brand Vamp, helps transform a business's visual presence. Brand Vamp's team of photography, cinematic videography, production, and creative direction pros turn your business from blah to "I NEED IT!" 

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They create branded photoshoots and videoshoots for businesses of all stripes. Need a video for your website that explains your brand's mission and ethos? Need a 30-second attention-grabbing video of your product to convert leads on social media? Need a branded photoshoot for you and your whole team? Brand Vamp is where it's at. 

Keira got her start by photographing weddings and family/personal photo shoots. She realized that there was a hole in the market - businesses needed these services too! - and Brand Vamp was born. We talk about how she got started, how she started a side business with two partners, why businesses might want fresh content regularly, and the details of photographing product, food, and more. 

00:05:37: What is Keira's job and where does she work?

00:08:50: Did she go to school for photography? 

00:11:05: What is Brand Vamp's origin story? What are the rewards and the challenges of working with business partners?

00:17:27: What's the process for a brand photo shoot? Can people who live across the country hire Brand Vamp?

00:22:14: What's the "fresh content" service? Why do people choose this?

00:25:08: What are her favorite client projects so far?

00:26:55: Keira walks us through the planning of a brand videoshoot. 

00:28:56: How do they find models?

00:30:51: How do they organize props and budget for a photoshoot?

00:38:06: We talk about product photos - why would someone hire a professional to shoot these? 

00:42:41: Why is video so impactful on social media?

00:46:07: Keira gives us a little food styling 101

00:52:28: What's Keira's favorite part of her business?

00:56:28: Back to the Future: What advice would Keira give to her younger self? What's the biggest business mistake she's made?

01:11:28: A Day in the Life - what does an average day look like in the world of a brand photographer? 

01:19:00: Listener Questions: What's the best weather to shoot product photos in? How can you get a good shot of food?

 and our Quick Answer Segment