Season One, Episode Nine: A Nonprofit and Grants Expert Talks About Opening Your Business as A Nonprofit (and How You Can Use Grants to Do It) with Kishna Jeantine of EGD Grants

Philadelphia-based Kishna Jeantine of EGD Grants is a nonprofit powerhouse. She's the founder of Exponential Growth & Development, LLC., but most people know her as "The Grant Lady". She is a business consultant, certified business coach, and grant writer. She also has a degree in Social Work and has been working in the non-profit sector since 2001 with Family Support Circle, Inc. Not only is she their Youth Development Director,  she is also a CPR trainer, Sexual Risk Avoidance Facilitator, and a single mom of two children. Kishna is also an advocate for Domestic Violence and speaks to survivors throughout her city.

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In this episode, we talk about how she got into this line of work, and a whole lot about nonprofit businesses. What is a grant? Who can get them? How do nonprofit owners get paid? How the heck do you form a board of directors? What are bylaws, anyway? We also talk about how Kishna markets her business, and some good listener questions about nonprofit businesses. 

00:03:20: What does Kishna do? How does she describe her business? What was her last job before starting EGD Grants? How did she get here? Did she go to school for grant-writing... is that even a thing?

00:11:40: What is a grant, anyway? Who can get them (Hint: nonprofits, businesses, even homeowners). What's a big misconception about grants? How can small for-profit businesses get grants? Who's in charge of making sure the grant's stipulations are met? What type of businesses can quality for grants

00:18:00: OK... so... how do you get PAID if you own a nonprofit? What's the process to start one? What are the four things you need to start one (hint: board of directors, 3 years projected financials, bylaws, conflict of interest statement)? Who NOT to have on your board of directors, and who SHOULD be on it. What are the responsibilities to being on a board of directors? 

00:28:00: Bylaws - WTF does that mean, and how do you make them? Where would someone find a grand if they have no idea how to start? Can an average person write a grant on their own (Hint: yes, but it'll take a lot of time). How long before you find out if you got it, and when do you get the money? Is every state different when it comes to grants? 

00:47:30: Back to the future: what did Kishna want to be when she was younger? What advice would she give to her younger self? What's the biggest business mistake she's made, and what did she learn from it?

00:55:00: A Day in the Life: what does an average day look like for Kishna? As a single mom of two young kids, how does she make time for self care?

01:00:00: Listener Questions and our Quick Answer segment