Season 1, Episode 16: A Social Media Expert Shares an Inside Look Into Digital Marketingwith Tata Tickaradze of To the Moon Social and Barter & Be

Tata Tickaradze has always had the drive to work hard and succeed: when she was a kid in the Eastern European country of Georgia, she would find little jobs to do around her apartment building to stay busy and earn a little money. In her early twenties, her dream of being a fashion buyer was dashed when the program was cancelled during the 2008 recession, but Tata kept going and building her resume until she founded To the Moon Social. 

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Tata helps her clients leverage grow their businesses through social media and digital marketing, and she's all facts with no B.S. She's built her reputation by being honest with clients and helping them find a marketing strategy that fits their budget. In this episode we talk a lot about the real numbers of paid ads and paid social marketing: what you can expect to spend and what you should do instead if you can't afford to spend that. 

She also founded Barter & Be, a curated community of female entrepreneurs exchanging essential goods and services without utilizing capital

We also talk about Tata's best and worst jobs (singing a hook on a Gucci Mane song was a high point, selling door-to-door hail insurance was a low one), how to recognize client red flags, how her Instagram Growth Hack helps grow Instagram followers organically, and how she launched Barter & Be. 

00:03:00: What is Tata's current job and where? What was her last 9-5? What are the best and worst jobs she's had?

00:09:53: When did she decide that she wanted to open her own business one day? What did she go to school for? What has her career trajectory looked like?

00:49:56: What services does she offer, and what does her business structure look like?

00:51:41: Tata tells us about her Instagram Growth Hack and a behind-the-scenes look into how Instagram is changing their algorithm. 

00:55:00: Tata tells us how much a business can expect to spend in paid ads - the answer might surprise and terrify you (Hint: 4-5 figures. A month.). 

01:17:00: What are the biggest digital marketing mistakes she sees people make?

01:19:00: Tata tells us about founding Barter & Be, a curated community of female entrepreneurs exchanging essential goods and services without utilizing capital. 

01:24:00: Tata shares her favorite Barter & Be success stories.

01:31:17: Back to the Future: what advice would Tata give her younger self?

01:40:00: What's the biggest business mistake she's made?

01:42:00: A Day in the Life: what does a day-to-day look like for her?

01:52:00: Listener Questions and Quick Answer