Boss Bitch Sticker Set

Boss Bitch Sticker Set


We LOVE this sticker set! It features our fave pop culture boss bitches. Free shipping included!

Charlotte Pickles: the OG boss bitch! She rocked a flawless high pony, juggled corporate life with raising her daughter, was always in a power suit and on her brick-sized 90’s cell phone, and had a male assistant (“JONATHAN!!!”). So ahead of her time!

Leslie Knope: Leslie went from running a small-town Parks and Rec department to being President of the United States. We love her passion, sense of humor, and perpetual need to be *extra* - she’s our political queen.

Peggy Olsen: Peggy dominated the male-driven world of 1960s ad agencies - all with class and style. We can’t get over the badass moment in “Mad Men” when she walked down the hallway of Sterling Cooper, cigarette and “don’t fuck with me” expression in tow.

Boss Bitch Mood: taken from one of our fave Cardi B songs and a perpetual #mood.

Printed on thick, high-quality sticker stock, you can stick them anywhere and everywhere! The sticker sheet measures 4” x 6”.

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