Cup of Ambition Podcast Sticker/Window Cling

Cup of Ambition Podcast Sticker/Window Cling

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Support the podcast for just three bucks! Grab a cute sticker or window cling - or both, if you’re a major fan. These die cut cuties measure approximately 3” wide x 2” high. You get free shipping, too! What a steal. Artwork was designed by our host, Bonnie Bryant O’Connor.

Stickers: printed on thick, high-quality stock: put it on your laptop, notebook, skateboard, phone, mirror, or wherever you wanna show support for the podcast.

Window Clings: these are ideal for putting on your car window! Made of a high-quality vinyl stock that’s designed to stick to any mirror or window - both sides will cling!. For cars, we suggest sticking the front of the cling to the inside of your window.

Wanna get one of each? You can do that, too!

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Running a podcast was surprisingly expensive. We have to pay for our website, hosting fees (and because our episodes are frequent and on the long side, this one really adds up!), equipment, and the time it takes to plan, record, edit, distribute and market each episode.

We created this merch shop to offset the out-of-pocket costs of the podcast. Every purchase helps! You’re the best!