Working Gal Postcard Set

Working Gal Postcard Set


Our postcards are perf for the working gal to pin in her cubicle or send to her bestie. They measure 4” x 6” and are printed on the most luxe, thick matte cardstock. They’re standard postcard size and weight with space for a message, address, and stamp on the back; most people choose to use them as art prints, though! Free shipping :)

You get one of each:

Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition

Start Low, Go Slow, Climb Higher, Strike Fire

Per My Last Email

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Running a podcast was surprisingly expensive. We have to pay for our website, hosting fees (and because our episodes are frequent and on the long side, this one really adds up!), equipment, and the time it takes to plan, record, edit, distribute and market each episode.

We created this merch shop to offset the out-of-pocket costs of the podcast. Every purchase helps! You’re the best!