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S1, Episode 1: Intro Episode with our host Bonnie Bryant O’Connor | airs May 30, 2019

S1, Episode 2: What It’s Like to Be a Creative Director (and How to do Influencer Marketing the Right Way) with Adeniz Villar of Storyplace Media | airs May 30, 2019

S1, Episode 3: A Career Coach Shows You How to Job Search the Right Way (and How She Went from Choosing Candidates to Showing Them How to Get the Job) with Jenn Walker Wall of Work Wonders | airs May 30, 2019

S1, Episode 4: A Graphic Designer Talks Getting Her Artwork into Major Stores (and A Lengthy Discussion About 90s Boy Bands) with Leonora Benza of Yellow Heart Art | airs May 30, 2019

S1, Episode 5: A Nonprofit Director, Lobbyist, and Political Activist Talks About Being in the Room Where It Happens (and Leveraging Each Opportunity to Climb the Ladder) with Christina Knowles | airs June 7, 2019

S1, Episode 6: A Designer and Letterpress Printer Talks About the Ups and Downs of the Wedding Industry (and How to Raise Your Prices and Save Your Sanity) with Britt Rohr of Swell Press | airs June 14, 2019

S1, Episode 7: A Web Developer and Strategist Talks About Learning on the Job (and Lots of Free Advice on How to Improve Your Website) with Mariah Magazine of Mariah Magazine Studio | airs June 21, 2019

S1, Episode 8: A Live Event Artist Talks About Changing Lives with Her Art (and That Time She Was on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” a Very Long Gilmore Girls Discussion, And the Weirdest Question She’s Gotten on the Job) with Amanda Hawthorne of Live Well Paint Often | airs June 28, 2019

S1, Episode 9: A Nonprofit and Grants Expert Talks About Opening Your Business as A Nonprofit (and How You Can Use Grants to Do It) with Kishna Jeantine of EGD Grants | airs July 5, 2019

S1, Episode 10: A Paper Florist Talks About the Nitty Gritty of Pretty Florals (and How to Show Your Worth When People Think You’re Just a “Crafter”) with Margie Keates of The Lovely Avenue | airs July 12, 2019

S1, Episode 11: A Professional Voice Actor Talks About the Freelance Life in the Entertainment Industry (and How to Be Successful Despite the Odds) with Alessandra Levy | airs July 19, 2019

S1, Episode 12: A Cookie Artist Talks About Taking the Jump from Full Time Office Job to Full Time Cookier (and if She Ever Gets Sick of Eating Cookies) with Devyn Taelor of The Well Dressed Cookie | airs July 26, 2019

S1, Episode 13: A Music Executive and Songwriter Talks About How to Stand Out in a Competitive Industry (and Why Creatives and Performers Need to Diversify Their Revenue Streams) with Jacy Dawn Valeras of Platinum Circle Media | airs August 2, 2019

S1, Episode 14: A Harvard Law Grad and Entrepreneur Talks About Bringing People Together With Curated Care Packages (and How to Build A Profitable Gift-Based Business) with Julie Schechter of Small Packages Co. | airs August 9, 2019

Season 1, Episode 15: An Artist, Painter, and Former Calligrapher Talks About How to Successfully Pivot Your Business (and Why Taking Care of Your Mental Health is Just as Important as Your Physical Health) with Christie Jones of Swell Anchor | airs August 16, 2019

Season 1, Episode 16: A Social Media Expert Shares an Inside Look Into Digital Marketing (and the Benefit of Having a Zillion Different Jobs in Your Twenties) with Tata Tickaradze of To the Moon Social and Barter & Be | airs August 23, 2019

Season 1, Episode 17: A PR and Business Development Expert Talks About How to Promote Your Business Effectively (and How Once You Know Business Fundamentals, You Can Launch ANY Business) with Janelle Langford of Suite PR | Airs August 30

Season 1, Episode 18: A Former Cop and Real Estate Expert Tells Us How to Create Sustainable Passive Income with Rental Properties (and Why Quitting His Stable 9-5 Job and Giving Up His Pension Was the Best Thing He’s Ever Done) with Anthony Grosso of Grosso Properties | Airs September 6

Season 1, Episode 19: A CPA and Business Coach Tells Us How to Actually Create a Profitable Business (and the Biggest Mistakes She Sees Business Owners Make) with Janet Grosso of Capri CPA | Airs September 6

Season 1, Episode 20: A Brand Photographer Tells Us How to Make Your Brand Stand Out When There’s So Much Content on the Web (and How to Have the Best Brand Photoshoot Ever) with Keira Lemonis of Brand Vamp | Airs September 13

Season 1, Episode 21: A Therapist Tells Us How Millennial Women Can Deal with Their Work Stress (and Why It’s Such an Issue for Them) with Sharon Peykar of Sit With Sharon | Airs September 20

Season 1, Episode 22: The Queen of Modern Calligraphy Tells Us How She Was Able to Quit her 9-5 Job to Hand-Letter Full Time (and How ANYONE Can Learn How to Do Calligraphy) with Becca Courtice of The Happy Ever Crafter | Airs September 27

S1, Ep 23: A Color-Obsessed Abstract Artist Busts the Myth of the "Starving Artist" (and Shares Her Inspirational Mental Health Journey) with Sam Marett of Samantha Louise Designs | Airs October 11

season one doesn’t end there! we’re still determining the dates for these, but you’ll be able to hear them over the next few weeks and months:

the best makeup artists in the world, Nicholas Bartolozzi and Matthew Anthony of The Beauty Boys

wedding stationer and stationery business coach Laney Schenk of Designs by Laney

interior designer extraordinaire Jess Green of Deepdale House

jill-of-all-trades and master of many, insatiably curious polymath, and event planner Gina Colagioia of Renaissance Person

content creator, restauranteur, and brand visual expert Julie Nicotra of A Hospitality

former CPA and current wedding planner extraordinaire Becky Baker of Becky’s Brides

color-obsessed abstract artist Samantha Louise Marett of Samantha Louise Designs

wedding photographer Kaitlyn Ferris of Kaitlyn Ferris Photography

and a few more special guests for whom we’re waiting on confirmation ;)